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Southwest Silicon was established in 1994 as a silicon sales, marketing, and service company, with a charter to provide prime silicon wafers to semiconductor manufactures as well as other users of prime silicon substrates.

The personnel at Southwest Silicon have in excess of 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. The President and CEO, Mr. Gene A. Nickerson, has been involved in all aspects of the semiconductor business from the front end to the back end, with 25 years of experience in the silicon supply business of CZ and FZ silicon.

Southwest Silicon purchased all of the silicon assets from Nickerson Associates, Inc. The purchase was consumated so as to continue the flow of prime silicon to our customers.

Our main charter is to supply prime virgin silicon substrates of both Czochralski and Float Zone type materials, which would enable us to service the discrete manufacturers as well as the standard line of semiconductor product.

We continuously have our raw materials evaluated to make sure that they uphold the highest standards.

We strive to maintain quality silicon wafers and competitive prices, and look forward to working with your company for your silicon requirements.

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