Product Description

Southwest Silicon, Inc. is a supplier of Czochralski and Float Zone silicon for prime wafer applications:

    Czochralski - Boron/Phosphorus/Arsenic/Antimony

    Float Zone - Phosphorus/Boron

Wafers can be supplied with the following surface conditions:

as cut
lapped, etched, edge rounded
polished on one side
double side polished wafers

Edge rounded wafers can be supplied with the following profiles:

SEMI standard edge round
SEMI standard M1-96
11 degree bevel
22 degree bevel

Wafer diameters are available in the following dimensions:

2" 50.8mm
3" 76.2mm
4" 100mm
5" 125mm
6" 150mm
8" 200mm

All wafer parameters can be supplied to the customer's specific requirements. If a parameter is not noted, the SEMI standard will apply.

For special requirements in diameter, resistivity, thickness, or other parameters, we are in a position to work with your engineering group to provide your specific requirements.

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